03/13 We have succeeded at perfecting our suits for young boys. This age group has not been well served and we decided there was an unmet need for fine boys suits for younger boys. Our first efforts were fairly successful but we improved the fit by showing the manufacturer what needed to be improved to sell his boys suits in the USA.

01/28 We at are gratified that we were able to rush in a reorder of our navy blue boys suits just in time for the Communion suit and Bar Mitzvah suit season. Although the sizes differ, Communion suits in navy, usually sizes 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 and Bar Mitzvah boys suit sizes 13, 14, 15, 16, 17 are very popular and sell out quickly. The sizes we ordered tend to cover 90% of boys, slims work fine and husky size suits are in stock.

Thank you to our Italian Suit manufacturers for their coordination in rushing our boys' suit and coat production ahead of some others, we appreciate it and so do our clientele.

12/04 As our buying trip in Italy continues we are really surprised by the beautiful wool boys suit fabrics we are finding. the mills are falling over themselves in trying to entice the buyers with nice wool fabrics, we at are very hopeful for the next seasons.

11/15 We are now running our early Black Friday sale. WE have our always low prices on Rothschild wool coats for girls and we have introduced sale prices on Lili Gaufrette, IKKS and DEUX PAS DEUX. These Black Friday sale prices are effective immediately.

Our final delivery of wool coats has arrived; just in time as the few we flew in overnight are sold out.

11/09 Our wool coats for boys have been selling out and we are very fortunate that the entire team worked together to rush a new production of boys coats to the US. The mill wove our special quality wool fabric in record time (now we know how long it takes when they are motivated). The coats were cut and finished in record time and even UPS did well by getting a small production sample flown in from Italy to our headquarters in 44 hours. The belted coats are great and we are not sold out in any sizes. Our suits are also doing well and soon we will begin production of our summer suit collection as well as the very important suits for First Communion.

10/17 We have been very busy with orders, there does seem to be a rush of orders at 4 PM every day. We have been selling our boys coats very well and are almost ready for delivery of the reorder that is almost finished in Italy. We have to thank everybody from the mill that makes the superb wool that is used in our boys coats to the manufacturer and even the transport company that just managed to give us overnight service from Biella to our factory, we needed to meet a production schedule or wait for the next slot. We also get orders for our boys suits, husky size suits are very popular.

09/14  We are running out of some styles earlier than expected! Our remodeled Loden Coat for boys has been a success, the new Charcoal gray coat is flying (as are all the boys coats with belts) and we are soon to get our final reorder of boys cotton shirts for the Fall season. Our boys coat reorder is almost history! We even had quite a response to the Lili Gaufrette Laetitia and Linda girl's coat models.

09/10 We have had a busy season leading up to back to School and Holiday season. We have been heartened by the appreciation of our boys suit quality we see as evidenced by the repeat business we have. We are no longer surprised by the popularity of suits for 13 year old boys, this pattern repeats in places as disparate as Oslo and Oregon. We do intend to run a special production in honor of the Scola Nova in Trani, (BA) Italy.

We have heard rumors of a certain firm entering the boys suit business and finding the numbers less lucrative than expected-we could have told them so in advance!

08/23 It has been a busy summer for the boys' suit business. We started with a visit to Pitti at the end of June. Charles followed with a supervisory trip to check the wool suit and coat production, both were fine and approved. There was a final trip to finish detail of the boys French cuff and other cotton shirt production. All the shades for our boys suits, boys coats and shirts were easily approved.

The suits and coats and shirts were all delivered to our New York warehouse, probably the largest retail selection of better boys suits at one location in the Northeast or perhaps the entire U.S. We have also been busy with our other lines, including Lili Gaufrette deliveries.

06/12 it seems some competitors have been reading our blog; welcome friends and foes. In a recent entry I noted the new push by Canadian suit makers into the fine boys suit market. I have now read that the marketing effort will stress not the non Italian origin of these boys suits but rather the designer brands. While suits can be inspired by the marketing team of a designer, for the most part it is just a suit and unless the label is worn on the outside the suit will be judged by the fabric and fit.

06/04 As we prepare for final production of our suits, wool coats and shirts to fit all boy sizes we are amazed at the extent of the drop in the dollar. Because we are the importers we will be affected but we have the ability to get an extra discount or absorb some of the changes. We expect a big push by some competitors to Canadian suits or Chinese suits. If you think these are the same as Italian boys suits, think again. I have never heard of somebody asking for a Canadian suit. Although the quality could be there it has not been presented to me yet, our quantities and reputation mean we would be the first call of any agent with the right product.

This is a year to shop carefully, there will be extra trickery in the suit for boys market.

5/02 We have basically finished the Communion suit for Boys rush and we thank all those that have purchased and also sent kind words of thanks. We are about to fly to Italy to select the fine Italian wool for boys suits to be used for your next boys suit. While the dollar is now again under pressure we will strive to keep our suits affordable as always.

3/05 We have completed unpacking our Boys Suit delivery for Spring 06 and these suit us just fine. Although the suits are variations on the same theme as always, exciting suit wool fabrics include a blue on blue pinstripe by Puro of Italy. Puro took over the old firm of Zegna and these fabrics are normally not seen in boys' suits. Other interesting fabrics include a close together white pinstripe on navy and a gray with sapphire stripe.

2/12 Yes, we are in the midst of a major blizzard, this gives us time to reflect on recent news. Michael, our boys suit manager just returned from Pitti, the Italian Children's dress clothing fashion show. Prices were mostly absurdly high. We did manage to snag some great deals for our clientele. Our volume definitely entices boys suit manufacturers to lower their prices. We are also glad that we just unpacked a huge boys suit order, great for First Communion or any other use.

1/20 A lot is happening. Our suit for boys production is in full swing. The Boys suit manufacturer reports that although the volume is down internationally, our sales are strong and therefore quality is not being compromised. Please keep in touch for final conclusions of this years boys suit styles. Michael is again in Italy.  Michael checked out some sources in Emilia Romagna on Thursday and today, Friday he is prowling the halls of Pitti, the International Children's and Boys fashion show in Italy.

12/21 This is just a quick update; I just got back from Italy and next seasons boys suit production is set. New fine wool fabrics are as nice as ever, black, navy and pinstripes will be very elegant.

12/09 This is the time we turn to planning our boys suit production. Boys suits for Spring and Communion suits are entering final production, the Navy wool fabrics are great. We are also now picking fabrics for boys suits and coats for Fall 06, one thing we will do is order more boys wool coats. We apologize to those that wanted coats we ran out of, it was unexpected.

12/01 There has now been a rush on Boy's coats, we have run out of several sizes way sooner than we had expected to. Thank you to all the customers that bought our raglan style boys coat. We can not order more because the wool we use is specially woven for us. This makes our boys wool coats special but hard to procure in an emergency. I guess we will order more next year.

10/24 Boys suits are becoming a big business. We thank all our clients for their orders and especially for their kind words. We are no longer surprised, we expect most customers to tell us their tailor reported the quality of the boys suit we sent them was extraordinary.

9/28 We are gratified to be busier than expected. The demand for finer quality boys suits continues unabated, there seems to be a separate, unrelated market for lower quality boys suits. We are in danger of running out of some odd sizes in navy and black, we have already ordered the super 100 wool from fine mills and should have boys suit deliveries soon.

09/03 Our suits for boys are doing well. The market has evaluated suits from China and people prefer true Italian suits. We have been working very hard at lowering costs elsewhere, such as shipping and money transfer costs. We are still amused at some web sites policies. If you want to laugh, please visit some other sites; their terms sound like a consumers nightmare.

07/28 Our new boys suit production has just arrived and the quality is great. The prices have stabilized as the dollar has, Our prices are still about $100 to $140 below competitors prices for boys suits. A new  trick is one competitors policy of calling every boy's suit order a special order, requiring  two weeks for delivery and no returns or exchanges. That is not our policy, before ordering elsewhere we suggest you check out the timing and terms. Do not assume the website will state the terms, websites can change on a moments notice.


07/11 Michael has just returned from Pitti, the Boys suit and Children's clothing fashion event of the year. Pitti was weaker than usual. Many top tier buyers, from all parts of the world are playing it very tight. The consensus is that the Italian Boys suits are in a special category, the suppliers are continuing business as usual and rewarding their long term clients with even nicer production. Deliveries are on time!

06/09 Just a quick update as I step off the plane from Italy. The boys suit business is alive and well in Italy, those that make suits for boys are not seeing any Asian harm to their business, in fact some are sending sizeable orders to China. It seems that even wealthy Chinese recognize that true quality in a boys suit comes from Italy. Woolen fabrics are nicer than usual and Fall and Winter production is on schedule.

05/27 With Graduation and Prom season happening, and a lot of boys suits shipping out we have been too busy to update this boys suit blog. We are back. Our boys coats and suits for boys are in production right now in Italy, confirmed by an inspection. Quality is great and the fabrics are great, China, keep trying.

04/28 With the peak season of boys suit sales for Passover and Communion just winding up, we are still filling last minute orders as we ponder our progress. We are very proud of the quality of our boys suits from Italy. The quality is so much better than anything out of China that China is not an alternative for anybody that wants a nice suit. While the label might say all the right things the suits just do not look right, both on the hanger and on the boy.

04/18 We at have been swamped with last minute calls and orders. The interesting thing is that many of these clients actually ordered boys suits earlier in the season from their local store. In each case they were strung along until the suits arrived on Thursday, 04/14 and these suits were not fit to put on a boy. Obviously, many of these customers reached us and we just happened to get a reorder on 04/15 at 10 AM. The moral of the story is, for the client, do not buy stories, buy suits. For the vendor, do not try to copy what we do, we make it look easy but it takes a lot of work to make it look easy.

While we did not enjoy seeing a competitor have a loss, we were proud and happy to help those that needed nice suits.

03/25 We at   have been very busy.  The orders for boys suits have kept us busy, we have welcomed a slew of orders from Indiana, even we do not know why but perhaps we were featured in a newspaper there. We did entertain more overnight orders than usual, when we say yes, it means yes. We also just got in a rush, emergency order of boys shirts, cotton of course, because our shirts have been flying out the door.

02/28 We have seen lower cost boys suits that were made in China, including those by Tulliano. They are suits for boys, very clearly. These suits have their time and place but we expect most discerning clients would prefer to dress their boy in a suit truly made in Italy, the Italian boys suits are nicer.

02/17 Boy does it get busy at shipping time. Many customers call to order boys suits at the last minute and it is really fun when they call the next morning to say their suit for their boy just arrived. We are grateful to all our customers and do hope the orders keep coming.

02/07 We have clients confirmation. Our customers have reported that they love our new boys suits. Those that ordered at have been especially impressed. with the quality of our boys suit wool fabrics.

02/02 The boys suit industry is moving rapidly to cheaper production, never mind the quality. We at refuse to go along. we know what a well made suit is and we really believe that the consumer, when given a choice, will opt for the true, Italian made suit for a boy.

01/30 We finished unpacking our Spring suit production. The selection of boys suits is amazing. Kudos to our favorite trucker, Force one of Valley stream, David made sure we got our boys suits before the weekend.

01/25 Michael got back OK, with some news. Some Chinese goods are now being sold in  Italy, at this point not boys suits. The quality is not the same.  Up to now we have seen no magic, boys suits from Italy are the only nice ones we have seen.

Great Kudos to Lufthansa. The connection from Firenze at FRA was tight but it worked. Just a day after a major blizzard and he landed only 40 minutes early. Not a bad show for Lufthansa, but of course they had to wait for a gate.


01/22 Michael just phoned in at midnight, local time in Firenze. Michael did see some new styles of Boy's suits, whether Boys will want to wear these suits, is still to be decided. Pitti seems a little less busy, at least as far as American buyers appear to be MIA. We will still have to decide with which vendors we will place our suit orders, the nice thing is that the best ones have the volume advantage and are automated and organized enough to stay competitive.

01/21 Michael, our manager for Boys suits and coats is scouting the aisles at Pitti Bimbo today. While Pitti is not well known as the main source of suits and coats for boys, it is an important show for anybody in the business. Of course, The fabric show near Como is what really counts but there are boys clothing firms, such as Magil , Varci and Malip that consider this the main show.

01/18 We are a bit short staffed as Michael, the BOSS, left us to play boss while he is scouting the boy's suit and fashion scene at the winter Pitti Bimbo show in Firenze, Italy. It should be stated that the Pitti show is peerless  for it's selection of boys suit and clothing manufacturers. While Michael studies the newest styles and fashions for coats and suits for boys, we have now received confirmation that our Spring 05 suit production is on its way. The Winter 05 selection is well along in planning, production plans come pretty soon.

It would be tempting to give out Michael's Italian mobile number, but that would be a bit mischievous, somebody might get fired. If you really need it, we have it.