How to buy a Boys Suit


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Buying a quality Boy's Suit is easy and does not require any special knowledge or skills, anybody can learn to buy a fine wool suit for a boy in just minutes.

The basic rules boil down to a few simple decisions and most decisions have been made by the Industry, the suits are usually what you want in a boy's suit.

  • Color and pattern of the wool fabric utilized in the boys suit
  • Fit
  • Quality

The styles offered usually start with the two button or three button single breasted boys suit, the classics in suits for boys. Other styles, though not as popular for boys, are the double breasted  styles. There may be many variations of the single breasted  suit for a boy, select the style you are most comfortable with, based on image and local custom.

The color and pattern depends on your intended use and the local custom. A boy (or even a man) never goes wrong with a navy suit. Other popular colors include black and gray. Patterns vary greatly, the most popular boys suits we sell are solid navy or black in general and pinstripe and colored pinstripes for those  that want to be a little more unique.

Judging the fit of a suit seems to scare some parents, it is actually simple. The jacket, in most cases, should end someplace near the thumb of the young man. The boys should be able to move his arms up all the way with some but not a lot of movement. The jacket should close easily without a lot of pulling, but this should assume empty pockets and trying on the boys suit over the suit pants, not over jeans with stuffed pockets. If trying a suit on a boy just coming from School or on his way to a backyard game be prepared for overloaded pockets which will make the jacket look tight.

Judging the quality is easy (if you buy from . A good tip is to know that the wool fabric is made of super100 or higher number wool from an Italian mill as evidenced by a label with that information. The next thing to check is the suit itself. Most suits that are actually made in Italy are good quality. If there is evidence of uneven stitching at the back of the armholes, watch out, this is usually not an ironing issue but a permanent problem. A good sign is if the lapels do not lie flat against the body but are curved, as a folded newspaper, see our photo to better understand this.

If you have any questions, please phone or email us, we will gladly help.