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This is a continuation of our Boys Suit Blog page.

12/21 Well, the Holiday season is here and we have been very busy. Although we have sold out many sizes and colors we still can make many kids, parents and grandparents very happy. Our gift to you is a special discount price on all phone orders fro Rothschild coats for girls in wool. Please phone i your orders at 866-782-0108.

7/03 We have just received first deliveries of our Rothschild coats for girls and boys. These are always very popular because they represent style and great value. New for this year is our featuring of the boys Rothschild coat in the John-John style. The selection can be browsed at and at's_wool_coats.htm

3/30 Our sales of suits for boys to use as Bar Mitzvah or Communion have really surprised us. It seems that whenever we get concerned about the falling US Dollar we get a spurt of orders that confirm our policy of producing fine Italian suits.

1/09 Welcome to 2008. This is the year the fall of the dollar starts to affect all of us. We are lucky that many of our costs were locked in to dollar denominated prices. We will still help our Italian suppliers in the event they are really in a bind, this is the right way and the reason they stick with us. Our boys suits remain superb, crafted in Italy the right way. The high quality of our boys suits is not changing.

12/22 Charles just returned from visiting our boys suit and coat sources in Italy. The bottom line is that despite the fall in our dollar we are continuing with a beautiful selection of suits and vests for Communion, wedding and all special occasions. Prices should be OK

9/24 Today we just unpacked a delivery of our newest boys suit style. This new model, rushed in from Italy is the epitome of new. It is our new two button model, in a variety of wool fabrics never seen for boys suits. The 2 button style of boys suit is the newest look and it also look really nice. read more about these at

9/17 Yesterday was one of our busiest days ever for boys and girls coats. Our wool Rothschild coats for girls are selling well, both online and in our store. The Via Spiga coats and jackets for girls and Ladies are really hot this year. We are almost sold out of our wool boys coats from Italy, we have begun the process of getting more coats. This involves having the wool mill weave new fabric because we insist on 100% pure wool, no nylon or synthetics and we demand a weight more appropriate to American winters. Thank you to all our clients for your business and trust.

9/04 As School begins we take a few moments to reflect. The Boys Coats are really flying out. We are starting production on a new cutting for a reorder. We really thank all our suppliers for doing such a good job. These wool coats for boys are great, especially the wrap style with a belt. Our suits are also selling well, we expect a new delivery within weeks.

8/23 We continue ahead on all fronts, our Rothschild coats for girls are selling faster than last year. The selection is huge and the price is really good, especially compared to alternative brands of girls coats.

7/31 It has been a struggle but we thank all that worked with us to get our boys coat production finished on time. We have in stock our usual selection of wool coats for boys, including the belted raglan style, the Loden style and the Chesterfield style, double breasted with velvet trim. All our coats are made with Italian wool, the Loden uses authentic Loden while our other coats use a fantastic, warm 100% wool woven for these coats especially.

05/22 I am exhausted but really proud of the results of my recent trip to Italy. The trip started with selecting both wool for boys suits, delivery will be straight to our Italian factory because our Italian suits for boys really are made in Italy. There was also a day scouting for fine cotton fabric, too bad the parents can not wear the fine shirts we make in Italy of fine Italian cotton. There were also tense negotiations with several suit manufacturers the real winners were everybody involved and after the tense moments we all managed to celebrate together.

The last major moment was being interviewed on Italian TV  RAI 3, on this, my 25th buying trip on behalf of , The interview was shown on TV and naturally, nobody got to tape it.

3/22 We are proud of the way we have helped people during this season. We have had more requests than ever for husky suits and even stout size boys suits. We believe we took care of all orders in a fast and courteous manner and received thanks from our clients!  We actually got two new shipments of boys suits during the past week, our warehouse is full and we expect that we can fill any order for a boys suit, be it navy blue, black, navy black or grey pinstripe or even brown.

3/13 We are really thankful to the manufacturers of our young boys suits for further improving the fit. We believe we have now succeeded where success has eluded many, in the manufacture of a fine Italian suit for young boys.

3/05 Today was a busy day for Boys' suits used for First Communion. We were honored with clients from all over the NY, NJ, and Ct area. We were intrigued by another client commenting on how much better our suits look in person than they do on the website. It appears that most LCD screens do not lake our suits look fine.

3/04 We are busy finalizing plans for boys suits and wool boys coats for the next winter season. We have recently noticed a drop in the google page rank and position of our site but we will continue our focus on doing the right thing for our customers and we assume that this time, as always, the Google rank gets us back to number 1.

2/16 We are really busy but having fun as well. We are really into Spring although the weather has been brutal. We have great shirts and suits in stock and today alone have shipped orders to Ireland and Germany. I guess it is hard to find a nice Boys Communion Suit elsewhere!

1/21 We had a rush of customer buying suits for boys today. While some were destined as Bar Mitzvah suits and some were for Boys First Communion it is becoming clear that the many stores and even Manufacturers are taking cheap short cuts and the clients are noticing it and finding us instead. We are proud that at    we have compromised nothing, our standards actually go up every year.

1/20 Michael, Our Boys' suit manager is in Italy perusing the collections at the Pitti show in Florence, known in Italy as Firenze. The better Italian designers such as Malip are continuing to evolve new classic models with careful consideration to using fine quality wool in their suit for boy selections. We will add final updates after Michael returns.

01/10 It has been a busy month at . We have been filling orders for our boys and girls wool coats as well as our suit for boys. We have also been finalizing our superfine wool selections for boys suit production for Fall and Winter 07. We have also set up last details of production for Spring suits, this includes Communion suits as well as prom and graduation suits.

12/11 Those that were in the know were aware that I was in Italy for the last two weeks, visiting several suit manufacturers and famous wool mills. I still believe that the finest boys suits available anyplace in the world are at  . It has really reached the point that our Italian shirt manufacturer will use an Italian made Boy's Suit for his son's Communion suit, but taken from our American bound production because it is nicer than anything normally made in Italy.

12/6   We are still ecstatic about the newest fabrics for boys suits next season. We may be able to start using some super 130 wool fabrics. The secret is that the finer the wool fabric is the more clear and beautiful the color is, even for use in a plain navy suit.