Boys Vest Suits


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Our vest for boys collection Spring and Fall can be just amazing! Spring and Summer season they are mostly seersucker, with easy matches available to either our Tasmanian or gabardine wool boys pants or to your dress pants. The advantage of this is that if the pants are dirty (a distinct possibility in our family), the outfit is still useable. Mothers take note, these vests are fully finished on the back, you will not see a shiny rayon back but the same fabric as the front. If you think that is the norm, trust us, it is not the norm.

We also offer a custom order service for our Italian vest suits. Contact us while in the planning phase and we will help design and manufacture a special style for all the boys to wear and match together in. The cost of this service is basically the same as our everyday price, all we ask is that you give us time to add to a normal shipment to lessen shipping costs. Lead time could be as short as 2 weeks.

  1. Boys vest in navy and white pattern.
  2. Boys vest  in gray black pattern, also very sharp as part of a tuxedo.
  3. Boys vest in pattern, easy match to beige, cream and all shades of gray.
  4. boys vest in light blue pattern. also  #5 same pattern in silver blue.

We also have a classic seersucker available, either as a vest or with matching walking shorts, you might also match it to solid long pants in cool Tasmanian summer wool fabric, navy blue.

These vests are now available, in stock till they sell out. Please phone or email to order, orders ship the day of the order in 99% of the time.

Boys vests made in Italy, priced at $69